*The information on this page is regarding training at Eureka Kettlebell.  If you’re interested in training at Method Training in Peoria, more information can be found here.

Personal Training

Personal training is meant to do one thing: help you reach your goals!  No matter if you’re wanting to shed pounds or dress sizes, get better at a sport, get rid of niggling aches and pains, or be proactive in staying strong and healthy, personal training helps to streamline the process of reaching your goals.  With personal instruction and accountability, you can stay safe and stay on track.

Some people prefer one-on-one training, while others enjoy training with a partner or a small group of friends.

Personal Training Rate Base: $50/hour

*Please contact me for rate discounts for partners/private groups.


Group Training

Group training is a great option for many people.  It allows for a lower-cost version of personal training and the camaraderie of classes, while still providing lot of individual attention and instruction from the trainer.

There are multiple ways to utilize group training.  A fresh workout is posted every class session, geared towards general strength and conditioning, with easily-modified movements and exercises.  This allows for anyone from the newest of newbies to the strongest of veteran trainees to get the most out of the session!

Another option is to attend group training sessions, but follow your own customized training program as designed by Kalin.  You’ll have access to the training equipment, instruction from Kalin.

Public group training times can be found on the schedule page.

After a one-on-one introductory session ($50), trainees can purchase a punch card and attend any public group training times!

Punch cards: 4 punches for $60, 8 punches for $105, 16 sessions for $195