I have been working with Kalin for several months and she is a great trainer.  I was a kettlebell novice and in just a couple months of weekly sessions I saw significant improvements in my fitness, strength, and conditioning.  From the beginning, Kalin was able to design my workouts to complement my marathon training while teaching me the kettlebell exercises with proper technique.  She combines classic kettlebell and other exercises into a very efficient and intense workout.  I have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly my physique and strength have improved.  I now have a new interest in strength training and I have Kalin’s expertise and encouragement to thank for this.
Eureka, IL

As an active and probably too confident person, I tend to injure myself pretty often. From bulging a disc training with a reckless trainer to spraining a knee attempting snowboarding in Wisconsin, I’ve had a few instances where I’ve needed mindful guidance and a skilled individual to help me recover and rehab, while maintaining a level of training I enjoy. Training with Kalin at Eureka Kettlebell has provided that service and more. Through her well thought out methods I have reached physical goals that I would certainly not have been able to do on my own.  Kalin’s methods are based on the importance of foundational movements so, while they aren’t as flashy as popular exercise trends, I can safely say that after a year of consistent training, I move better, stronger, and certainly smarter. I highly recommend training with Kalin. It is an investment in self care that can help anyone work towards true health.


Eureka, IL

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