Strengthen your mind, body, and spirit!

What Is the Wellness Challenge?

The next Wellness Challenge is an 8-week challenge running from January 5th – February 8th, 2018 focused on transforming our bodies in a safe, sane, and sustainable way.

  • We’ll set (customizable) goals for fat loss, diet, water intake, journaling, and strength training.
  • We’ll record our progress with weekly check-ins (emailed privately to Kalin),
  • We’ll stay enthused and accountable through a private Facebook group.

A food and supplement guide will be provided.  Your training can be completed in the studio as well as at home/your own gym, depending on your goals.  Programming for at-home training is available to purchase ($50 for a custom 8 week program).

You’ll accumulate points for completing your weekly check-in, participating in Bonus Challenges, and hitting your weekly goals.

Because of the customization, the Challenge is appropriate for anyone of any training level.

Win the Challenge

The winner will receive a cash prize of at least $150 – more if we get a large number of participants!  They’ll also win a prize pack of other assorted goodies.

How to Enter

The entry fee for the Challenge is $100.

Fill out the entry form here!